Is Trump the Rapist, the Tax-Evader or The Bankrupt Businessman The Democrats Want You To Believe? NO!

For years The Democratic Party has used unfounded accusations  of  “The Sexual Predator” &  “child molter” campaign to thwart & stall the efforts of any viable Republican opposition.  They do this in spite of the fact, that there is little to no evidence to prove any of their claims.  The reason: Many people simply do not want to spend the rest of the life subjected to innuendo or trying to defend themselves and their family against these vicious attacks.  As a result, they quit – often too soon.

Examples Include:

Mike Huckabee

Herman Cain:

This is how the Democrats roll! They do this in order to continue to sway your vote and continue to rule over  you, to take away your freedoms and Now your guns, so you can never defend yourselves against their oppositions or oppression. This is the Saul Alinsky (KKK) way which Killary Kash Klinton, Modeled herself after.

Now, out of the woodwork, there are hundreds of allegations (all unfounded) that suggest Trump “touched” them inappropriately.  Really? This man has been a TV celebrity for more than a Decade and it a Billionaire. Why didn’t they all come out before? He wasn’t  running against them. These girls just like Sanders were paid off to come out now to distract from the improprieties of the Democrats, from Obama to Hillary, from Bill the real & impeached predator, as well as, Anthony (“check out my”) Wiener.

This is what they do, to play on your emotion and have you vote for their BS.  Sorry, this time it cannot work.

We know Donald has been a playboy, we even know he has been married 3 times.  Can I say, Who cares?  How many good people do you know have been divorced? How many people do you know have had extramarital affairs (not saying Donald has), but how many o you have been in Hollywood and were told to sell the audience. That’s what all this amounts to.  All crap.


I wonder how many of the people voting have been divorced? How many people have filed Bankruptcy (many athletes, entertainers and even multi-million dollar lottery winners.)  Just an FYI: most businesses that start fail and ultimately file for Chapter 11.  It ls the law, and that is how it works. Not Criminal!  But Killary and Bill Clinton? Well, there is some suspicion about all the people that they have had killed . . . Bloodsport!  (click here to watch the movie)

Just an FYI:  most businesses that start fail and ultimately file for Chapter 11.  It ls the law, and that is how it works. Not Criminal!  Bankruptcy is often used to get businesses back on track and to Save JOBS!  It’s not all about what’s in it for the owner.  You Know the one that takes the risk to create business and ultimately Jobs.

Ask yourself who earns all their Money fromhillary-money Speaking Fees?  Honestly, have you seen how much they earn $28.000.000 from Speaking, Have you heard them speak?
She can’t provide anything that isn’t from a teleprompter.  And, she gets stuck on Filler words like ah, ah, or Um um just to use up time, because she is paid for 20 minutes and has nothing to say.


Donald has succeeded to a much greater extent and has brought jobs, and in the end, it is time to tell the Democrats, and the Clinton News Network and Mass Stupidity Nothing But Crap Networks and that Rachel Madcow to shut up and find a new job.  They are awful and are taking the ignorant for a ride.  Wake Up!



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