Democrats – Clinton’s Attempt to Rig Election

Why say more than we  have to?  The precedent was set long ago by Al Gore  (Democrat) Challenged the Results vs. Bush in 2000, he would NOT concede until the final results were decided legally.

The reason Trump would not likely concede the election today is simple, there is now indisputable evidence that voter fraud is alive and it is rampant.

That makes it hard for anyone who has just spent a 1-1/2yrs subjecting his family to incredible scrutiny and put his life under a microscope?

A man who has invested $100 Million of his own dollars trying to help America make a change to get back on track and in the right direction.  And, so many of you naysayers who won’t lift a finger to recognize that this woman is the continuation of Antichrist set in place by Barack Obama.

America faces serious challenges to its existence and you Naysayers are so worried about what people have alleged against Donald that has nothing to do with the country as opposed to the Crimes that the Clintons have indisputably committed!

Listen how they (DNC) admits Hillary is Aware of what was going on… and Oh Yeah, her campaign pays for this! 



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