Did Bernie Sell Out His Supporters?


At one point during the primaries, I googled “Bernie Sanders Net Worth.”  While of course, there is no way to determine if that was accurate, but the site I read suggested Sander’s Net worth was approximately $300,000.  Not bad, but not real good.  I imagine with a life in politics it should have been at least 2x that, nevertheless that’s what it said.

Today, similar sites suggest his net worth around $500,000. Probably still wrong. How does one person go from a net worth of just under $500k to being able to afford a beach house . . . Paying cash? Can you say, Pay to Play?

The Ugly Truth About Bernie Sanders’ Wall Street Tie-up

Then there is talk about Bernie driving a new Bentley.  I mean common isn’t the writing on the wall!  Let’s not be so naïve as to think that Democrats care about the people they were elected to represent.  By the people for the people.  Not! Now it’s “Screw The People!” We cannot stand for this any longer. No More Corruption!

Bernie Sanders Paid Off to Support Hillary – – – No More Corruption!

WikiLeaks: Email Suggests Sanders Was Manipulated to Support Hillary



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