There is No Such Thing as “FREE COLLEGE!”

college-fundingIf you’re one of those High School students getting ready to enter college or perhaps you’re already in college, the promises of “Free College Tuition” (while college costs continue to soar) sounds appealing. So, allow me to share with you something you may want to consider, and it’s as simple as this . . .


Now that sentiment was echoed by one of my mentors many years ago, and it still rings true today. Nothing in life is free, everything cost.   And, it will typically cost you later than the benefits you believe you will receive today.

How so you say? Well, let’s start with the obvious, Do you really think and college or school operates free of charge?  For example, public schooling is NOT free.  Someone pays the teachers, the principals, the maintenance staff, the superintendents, everyone.  Everyone gets paid.  Now ask yourself, exactly how does the school obtain the funds to pay everyone.  Easy, Taxes.  That is the only revenue that they can use to pay for schooling.  And, who pays those taxes?  Homeowners, employees, the self-employed the union workers… Everyone!  And, how long must they pay it for? However long they work, and however long kids will be going to school. And that is, well Forever! And, you will pay more and more as more and more refugees continue to come into the country and the Democrats continue to allow them in, often without contributing back into the system.

So, the more refugees and Illegals that are here in the USA, the more we working class (that is or will include you in the future) will have to contribute in taxes, just to allow this to plan to continue to happen.  Then as word gets out that we are offering more kids free college, and with the Proposed OPEN borders, the more the rest of the world will begin to send their kids here as we train and educate America’s competition (and they are the competition). I am not saying we cannot be compassionate, but we also must be vigilant towards the future of the US of A.  This is Your country, your kids country, and their kids future as well.  Ask, yourself, what kind of country do you want to leave behind for generations to come.

The talk of free college, may sound good, but it may also at the very least encourage all kids to enter the system and most should, but some probably won’t or just sifree-collegem
ply have no desire.  And,  when you consider that Bill Gates was a college drop-out and many others have achieved incredible success without college, it may just be overrated as well. Just saying, not endorsing that idea.

Finally, the facts are that at this time, there just aren’t enough jobs to keep every one of our recent grads employed, So, how are we going to really offer free college for the long term, if we are also going to continue to allow more refugees in who are not necessarily paying into the system?

So, dare I say once again . . .

There is NO Such Thing as Free College!


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