What’s In It For You (U.S.)? Trump vs. Clinton . . .

Please Read, Watch, Listen & Absorb and Then, Consider The Choice You Make NOT based on what you think or may believe is “in it for you . . .” But what is good for the country.

“Ask Not What You Country Can Do For You , Ask What You Can Do For Your Country!”


One Person’s Opinion on The Most Important Election of Our Time! *


We are now on the precipices of perhaps the most important decision we as citizens of this great nation will ever make. A REAL Decision! A decision on how we as a country will move forward.  Will we thrive AND be the America that transcends peace and prosperity? Or will we die a quick and painful death?  Will we exist as a world power that protects the lives and interests of many smaller countries against tyranny and oppression? Or will we fall under the rules of BIG Government & a “man-made” ideology? An Ideology imposed upon us by this President and by those that despise the American way?  If this sounds a bit melodramatic, I assure you it’s Not!  The Corruption in this government is significantly deep & dark and on Both sides of the aisle.

As you ponder these questions, I want to encourage you to read, review & watch most if not all of the information below that I and so many others have worked diligently to reveal to you.  We do this not because we are either Pro – Democrat or Pro-Republican, do this because we are Pro-American! We wish to keep the America we knew & loved for our kids, your kids and for all their kids to come.

To substantiate the information within, I have compiled articles and included videos so that you can read, see, and hear with your own ears & eyes,  the comments as they were said by the individuals themselves! I do this so you’ll know it to be accurate, not rhetoric.


Having said that, I want to ask you one very important question broken down into 3 Parts,  And, that is . . . If Hillary Wins

What’s In it for You?  — Will Your life Improve ? —  Will The USA Thrive or Die? 

  1. She will NOT allow you to keep more of your hard-earned dollars. She wants to Raise Your Taxes!  (Click Here to Listen to Her in Her Own Words!)
  2. She Will  NOT Improve National Relations! Many already despise her; She is not Strong Enough to Deal with the likes of Vladimir Putin.  Consider that she even Implied “Donald Intimidated Her” at the 2nd debate . . . Really?
  3. She will NOT  and Has Not Solved Inner City Problems in over 30 years!
  4. She will NOT provide Food, Shelter or Opportunities for the Homeless But always seems to have money to support undocumented refugees as she gives them the right to vote!  To Control the fate of your country! Dare I say again,  Really? 
  5. She Has NO Answers for the failing Obamacare.
  6. She WILL bring in more illegals and then use your income taxes to pay for it. . .  And it gets worse.  Read on

Why You Should NOT Vote Democratic – This Time 4 Sure! 

Some of you got this all wrong.  Many of you vote your party, just because and yet, you don’t really know why you even are registered Republican or Democrat.  I urge you to Keep in Mind; This is NOT the Cowboys Vs. The Redskins, the Yankees vs. The Redsox or The Lakers vs. The Celtics.  This Is Not A Sporting Event, where your team has to win. This is So Much More Important Than That! This is America where we as a country either win or lose together!

Food for Thought:

The Democrats Promise Change and a Better life for you, but their objective is to keep you on Government Subsidies! This effectively keeps you in their control! NEVER to want for More.  They’ll promise you the world, ask for your votes and then Stab you in The Back, with the hope that you will have amnesia when they come back for your votes, 4 years later.

Fortunately, Wikileaks has released their Hidden Agenda via emails; that show their True Colors!  Now You must let them Know….

You’re Mad as Hell & You’re Not Going to Take It Any Longer!

Click Here for WikiLeaks Insight . . . 

Question 2:

What is the motivation of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to become President?

Before I go further in depth, here are some facts you need to consider. . .

Should Donald Trump lose this election (it may very well be due to voter fraud with all those Dead People & Illegals voting, sometimes more than once) . . . To the extent possible, Donald goes back to his past life and what a wonderful life it is!  He continues to run his businesses, he will still be married to a beautiful woman, He will still have a great family that loves and respects him, and with a populous of people that love and respect him for trying to make and become the difference for us and for America.  And, . . . Yes, he will still be a billionaire, with accountants that follow the rules of law and allow him to prosper. In fact, he and his family will be financially strong for generations to come in spite of the 100’sof millions of dollars he committed to help America!

The Naysayers will call him a racist, that he was never called before, a playboy, he probably always was one (we knew that) and a bigot.  He is neither a racist or a bigot, but a person who has created jobs, 10’s of 1000’s of jobs for people all over the world and especially here at home. I will call him a fighter who will not give up.

Consider that he was WEALTHY (with a capital “W”) before running for office.  The salary he would receive as POTUS would be “Chump change” in comparison to what he already earns today.  He already has his own plane. He lives in the most prestigious building in one of the greatest cities in the world. He had a successful run in Television paying him Millions of dollars. What it all comes down to is,


He didn’t need to subject his life and family to the threats and scrutiny they have had to undergo for the last year and a half.  He didn’t have to put his life under a microscope.  He could have easily faded into the sunset on his terms. So, why did he do this? He did this because he cares.  Because he cares about the future of this country, for his kids, his grandkids, your kids, and my kids. He cares About America. Check out this video from many years ago of what was in his heart.

He recognized, he knew,  25 years ago, what was happening to this country and it hasn’t changed yet!

Now, by comparison, Hillary & Bill Clinton, have made most, if not all their money inside of and because of politics. This has been confirmed by the email drops from Wikileaks, and specifically the “pay to play”  propositions exposed.  The Clintons have made most of their fortunes giving speeches (have you heard her speak, she can hardly say a complete sentence without the use of a teleprompter) and from accepting “donations” (aka “bribes”) to their foundation.  And, on top of all of this, they rewarded their daughter Chelsea with a High Six-Figure Income to run this flawed foundation.  And, as you can see from the recent protests, much of what they do is window dressing, and most of what they take in is in their pockets! One example is the money they accepted on behalf of the torn and tattered country of Haiti, which never arrived in Haiti as promised.  I wonder where those dollars went?

So, why does she want & NEED to be president?

Simple: They would have nothing to offer their donors (Not Wall Street, Not the Media and certainly, Not the Middle Eastern Countries) that would serve to keep their foundation’s income flowing and their speech business growing. If she is no longer either a Senator, The Secretary Of State or The President (and as an impeached president, Bill Clinton is not fit to hold office), they have nothing to sell.   She needs to win, not only to solidify her legacy as the first Woman President, she needs to win for profit! She wants to be POTUS for herself NOT for you! Period, end of story!

This is clear when you finally acknowledge that she has sold out our representatives (Ambassador Stevens) and our consultant in Benghazi. The released emails support how she sold out America selling Arms to our enemies  (and our people)  for money!  The fact is, that if Hillary is given the Power & Control, she seeks, this country as we know it will soon, cease to exist as it may still fall  based solely  on the ruins of  what’s left over from the Obama  “destruction.”Oh, we may still be here, but it won’t be the land of the free & the home of the brave.

No, instead it will be the land of tyranny and the home of depression. And, I am talking about almost all of our citizens, not just the minorities she claims to want to help.  And, unfortunately, if she wins,  with the Supreme Court Justices in play, it will be too late to turn back.  Add in the migration of 100’s of 1,000’s of Muslims (who will be offered free health care, free schooling and the right to vote), and we will become a nation ruled by BIG government controlled by the all powerful and have experienced anarchy of the Clintons and the Bush’s that was made worse by the OBAMA Coalition. We will be subjected to more and more radical terrorism and note; Islamic jihadists do not care what race you are. They do not care about the color of your skin.  They only care if you are with them or against them. And, if you’re against them, they are prepared to die, if it takes you out as well.

This is precisely what you receive with Hillary & Bill Clinton. The most corrupt criminal leaders ever.  The creator of the term “Super Predators” when referring to young black Americans.  The person who referred to mentally handicap as retards and the person who laughed as she got a rapist of a 12-year-old acquitted.   In fact, if you don’t go out and watch the movies, “Clinton Cash” or “Hillary’s America” before you cast your ballot for “Killary Kash Klinton” (KKK), you will be equally responsible for the implosion of America.

Sidebar: It’s quite interesting that Hillary Suggests that the system needs to be fixed, that we need change, yet her husband and Barack have been in control for 16 of the last 24 years and they blame it all on Bush. Really?

Here’s a little-known fact about the recession of 2008.

The Recession of 2008 is blamed on George W, Bush and the likes of AIG “at the end” of Bush’s time in office, but was created years earlier by the lowering of the income and credit requirements to make homeownership more affordable for lower-income families. That lead to predatory loans, adjustable rate mortgages and made it easier to purchase a home, but harder to maintain it.  The easing of requirements lowered the supply and increased the demand of home, which created an inflated price point. Eventually, the market (the bubble) burst and imploded.  It might interest you to know that Obama as a senator and Bill Clinton as president promoted the bill that led to this implosion.

The Most Important ELECTION OF OUR TIME? 

Under the heading of “Truth be told,” I would’ve also suggested that over the last two presidential elections that they too were the most important elections of our lifetime. And,  I was right on both counts. Each of these past elections that placed Barack Obama in the White House only served to make the next election more important than the last. That said, now this one looms even larger than the last for our future. So, why is this one now the most important?  Let me explain . . .



Many Americans have suggested that biblically, Barack Obama is the Antichrist! And, he, even refers to that portrayal in a speech he gave just a few days ago. He has taken apart many of our Christian beliefs and replaced it with what offends Muslims, including restricting the expression “Merry Christmas!” Really!

For Me, I recall having such a conversation with a friend of mine, a practicing Jehovah Witness, who pointed out in the book of Jehovah, that all the things that will come to pass spelling the end of the world as we know it (and, a 3rd world war, a nuclear war, could do just that), and that would happen when the Antichrist would arise. Some would say, “He did.”

Now, Obama supporters would cry foul calling me prejudice, a bigot, and a racist, even though I have not revealed my race, simply because Obama is the first “Black” President of the United States (POTUS). Frankly, I cannot agree. There are many who would contend that by name or by birth, or by is actions as a Muslim sympathizer,  he is perhaps the first “Muslim” President.


Now on the Subject of the Birther Issue – this claim was first made by the 2007 Clinton Campaign, not by the 2016 Trump Campaign and Not by Donald Trump!  Having said that, if Obama was truly born here in America as his certificate says he was,

  • Why didn’t he just release his Birth Certificate in 2008 ? (or was that under audit? LOL)
  • Wouldn’t that have been the easiest way in which to put this to bed?
  • Why hold out until Donald Trump said something in 2011?

And, oh, by the way, assuming is birth certificate is legit, then he is also as much a Caucasian man as he is a black man. So, why is it he never talks about his being the first Interracial President instead? Was it merely an attempt to secure the black vote? Is it to provoke racial unrest & inequality? Is it because it is more profitable for him to be Black rather than White?  Or is it, that he wants to make his mark as the first and only  Black President of his time?  Or. . .  Could it be (just saying) that he hates White people and thereby, he hates his White half? This, in spite of the fact, he was also raised by white grandparents?

Obama was elected as much by those that voted for him just because of the color of his skin, because of his Democratic affiliation and the dissatisfaction with former Republican  President George W. Bush.

He was certainly not elected based on his qualifications for the job. Certainly not as a former “community leader,”  or a Junior Senator from perhaps the most corrupt city in this country, Chicago.  Chicago, known for its criminal ties to the infamous Al Capone, the mob and ultimately, even the Black Sox Scandal in Baseball. Chicago. Where there is more racial unrest and Black on Black Murders than any other city in the country and Obama has done Nothing. Zero, Nada, Zilch.  Additionally, there are many patriotic Americans that would add to that, he was also elected with the use of the alleged voter fraud, with the likes of all the dead people voting democratic, the Acorn scandal, the free cell phone offer and with what could be called a “rigged” election. It seems that hasn’t changed.

Obama ran on the promise of “Change!” A better life for the poor and working class, a world that would provide health care for everyone, where the rich would pay their “fair” share (even more than they do which is already 80-90% of all the tax collected).

Sidebar: If you raise taxes on big business and the rich. They shut down businesses move out of the country and or retire with their money intact.  No jobs, No Taxes!

Obama won on the promise of a kinder, friendly America,  showing the world that we (America) can love and express love, thereby making the world a better place. I was sure that would never work, and, it didn’t.

Side Note: You rule and govern with & by strength! Compassion is essential, but strength rules. Kind of like threatening the head of the FBI or the governors of each state that has refused to accept refugees.  As Obama promises to take away their school funding. Or how Obama threatened each citizen by telling them “They must abide by his healthcare plan or he will tax and penalize you.  That is ruling by strength.  He sure didn’t have compassion for the people that can’t afford Obamacare.    I could give you another sports analogy, but I am sure you can figure this one out.

However,  lets’ give Obama credit where credit is due. He did bring change to America and the rest of the world! He allowed ISIS to build and grow (Hillary was a major part of this as well), by telling them precisely when we would leave IRAQ! Essentially, he signaled to ISIS,  that we would no longer be in the way, or be there to threaten or thwart their growth! And, that was NOT the type of change that America was hoping for. But that certainly isn’t all the change he brought … Not even close.

Let’s briefly review all of his accomplishments (or lack thereof), of Barack Obama as the POTUS. Starting with what should have been the easiest . . .

A) Race Relations:

I found this to be very interesting as recently one African American person I know  suggested that she will be voting for Hillary since Hillary would be the continuation of Obama regime. She said she could accept what she already knows.  And get this, she said, that she knows blacks are more likely to be targeted by Police now more than ever before. She acknowledged there is more racial divide.  And, she say, she would accept that in lieu of change? Am I missing something here?

The Obama facts on race relations . . .

  1. We Now Have More Racial Unrest in our country than any time since the 1960’s
  2. There have been more killings in Chicago of Black on Black Crimes & BLM doesn’t even show up for those.
  3. There is more unemployment with young black men than we had in 2009
  4. There is less Homeownership among blacks than we had 2009
  5. He showed up at the funeral of a Young Black man after he committed a crime and disobeyed police, but not at the young white Female cop killed in Virginia on her first day on the job by a black criminal ambush.  He didn’t even address that:
  6. He made statements about black individuals killed by Police officers, when they all very likely would be alive to defend themselves legally, had they chosen to obey the officers.
  7. He used the Killings of Police in Dallas as a stomping ground to promote BLM and his racist movement, when the statistics suggest that there are more whites killed by cops, more blacks killed by other blacks, than blacks killed by cops and in fact, called out the police to be better at their jobs.

Now Hear This; He did not, was not, doing this to Prop the life of Blacks, but instead to support his RACIAL Divide.  He knows the first step to the takeover of any country is: United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

B) World Peace;

As a person of the Islamic faith, you would think Obama of all people could have put us in a more credible position to show that Americans are NOT prejudiced people, but instead,  America elected a person of the Muslim Faith to lead us into the next decade. That we Americans support all races and religions, but instead . . . .

  1. We now have experienced more terrorist attacks committed by people of the Islamic Faith than any other religion domestically and all around the world. And moreover, we now have seen homegrown Muslims, attach themselves to the plight of Radical Jihadist and he blames it on Gun Control.
  2. North Korea is now a serious Nuclear Power and seems to threaten us almost daily
  3. Russia is Threatening the Possibility of World War lll, as they recall all Ambassadors to the motherland and to seek out their bomb shelters.   
  4. We have now funded Iran to the level of them becoming a Nuclear Threat
  5. We are in serious relations with China
  6. Relations with Israel have been diminished, and Wikileaks Emails suggest Hillary & Obama are not a fan of Isreal.
  7.   Why does Obama say ISIL vs. ISIS? Some say it insults Israel:
  8. Obama invites “clock boy” to the oval office for bringing a clock disguised as you would an IED or Bomb (a ticking item in an attache case), to a middle school and then when the Muslim boy refused to obey authority school officials had no choice but the protect the interest of the students and staff and called the authorities.
  9. The Story receives national coverage (unlike the WikiLeaks emails or the bombing of a Republican Headquarters in North Carolina), and he (clock boy) is now suing both the school district and law enforcement.  Can you say, Premeditated?

Imagine if the boy was White, Jewish or Hispanic, do you really believe Obama would have invited him to the White House? Or Would He have scolded him or just simply ignored it entirely? This is an accurate reflection of Obama’s true allegiance to  Islam.

As Obama continues to bring in more &and more Syrian refugees which the Dept. of Defense, Homeland Security, The FBI, and ISIS itself, as well as, every sane American knows  ISIS will infiltrate these refugees ultimately making us an easier target to attack from within! Now, Obama wants  to continue the mass importation of Undocumented immigrants and Hillary wants to bring in even more and more (potential ISIS) Syrian refugees. obama-and-al-queda-leader

Obama wants to shut down Guantanamo Bay which his home to some of the worst of the worst of Islamic extremist all of whom hope to get back into the playing field against us and many already have, and he is making it happen. Can you see the resemblance, One is Obama, and one is the New Al-Qaeda Leader released from Gitmo.

C) The Economy

One might suggest that there has been a substantial recovery with the growth of the stock market, and there has been. However, most of the Stock Market Growth was built on the foundation of what is known as “Quantitative Easing (QE).” What is QE? This is where the government buys up their bonds, “forcing” 401(K) and investor assets (the largest group of consumer savings & investment dollars) into the market artificially raising the stock market and for now, providing the appearance of a growing economy. However, until the recent Brexit, and the ensuing recovery there was no growth in the market since QE Ended.

Obama has on his own, spent us into more debt than ever before doubling the total deficit created by every president before him. He has ultimately mortgaged our kids future in an attempt to make himself look good, but economically it will not work for the long term.

In the meantime, we have a challenged Social Security System and challenges with the VA and inner city housing, and he sends our money to Middle Eastern countries and claims to have “misplaced” $400 Million dollars, and no one is talking about that.

He receives credit for oil prices dropping when in reality, it’s simply a matter of the oldest business adage ever – The Law of “Supply and demand.”  This gas revolution began long before he was in office, and has simply continued.  But read it for yourself: 

Further info on Healthcare: Obamacare has insured millions of unemployed or low-income people, but has destroyed the middle class and more importantly, the insurance carriers (who we need) as many carriers leave and United Healthcare reports an $850 Million Dollar loss & announces they are leaving the ACHA in 11 states.

Those who cannot afford to pay for it will receive a tax penalty for not having it, even if they are healthy. Here’s  what Bill Clinton Said;

  1. If you need to obtain low-cost healthcare Benefits and Avoid the Tax Penalty visit

www. ChristianHealthcare.US 



Where you can obtain coverage for as little as $45 a month, which is not only going to provide you with Additional Healthcare Benefits, but will allow you to Avoid the Tax Penalty.  For Additional Information or assistance, Please send and Email to


When it comes to the truth or the lack of any American progress under “resident” Barack Hussein Obama, I could go on for hours! But enough about Obama (at least for now) although, as I am writing this, he too has been implicated in the Email Scandal and he hopes to shut “US.” out of the information that documents these facts as well!

The fact remains that  Obama’s reign was great for him (did I fail to mention his request for an 18% increase in his retirement pay after just 8 years of work . . . not a bad gig) at our taxpayer expense? Obama’s reign was a complete and total disaster for U.S.  In fact, his campaigning hard for Hillary is actually a means to hide his improprieties that surely will be uncovered under a Republican (and especially an outside the establishment president). His hope (as we all know is that the fix is in for Hillary) will be his predecessor simply to hide and avoid any criminal prosecution himself, for what may just be his entire administration.

Why talk about the trials and tribulations of Barack Obama, when he is not running for the office?  Simple: Hillary Clinton is running on the idea that she wants to continue the work that Obama has done.  His good work as Michelle said in her speech for her best friend Hillary of whom she once said; “if she can’t take care of her house, how can she take care of the White House?” .

The Good Work of Barack Obama Included . . .

  • Raising taxes on inheritance so the government can take what you worked your life for instead of leaving it to your kids.
  • Penalizing Healthy People for not having Their Healthcare program
  • Driving Insurance carriers out of business as the government takes away your freedom to choose.
  • Taxing big business so that Carrier A/C is forced to leave the USA to avoid he stipulations and regulations opposed upon us.
  • Creating transgender bathrooms, so real sexual predators can freely follow young girls into the bathrooms.
  • Outlawing of reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag our fathers fought and died for.
  • Letting in of 100’s of 1000’s of undocumented (illegal) aliens that would just as soon destroy us, our way of life and even attack how we pray and worship, as we pay their bills & they take our jobs!!!
  • Paying ransom for hostages.

Is this is really what we want? I think not.

So, now let’s discuss what we are “BUYING” (and, yes we are buying when our tax dollars would be paying for her salary, her benefits and for her protection by “Armed” Secret Service, etc.) when we bring back the Clinton Cartel.

I probably don’t have to write too much on this as it has been written about and exposed time & time again, on real media exposing the corruption (like FOX News or Talk Radio) but of course for the exception of Mainstream media the likes of NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC), The Press,  The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News (more recently acquired), The Huffington Post, The Washington Post and alike that are reporting only the Trump allegations to avoid talking about the truth of underhanded efforts of the Hillary & Bill Clinton machine, trying desperately to continue their anarchy, their total control over you and I. And, if you vote for her – YOU TOO SHOULD BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE DEMISE OF THIS COUNTRY.

Here’s what we know about Hillary & Bills Criminal Past

She stole from the White House valued at over $200,000 a capital crime. . . Really?


She claims to have left the White House broke (in her own words) so, how can she fix the economy if she can’t run her own economy?  And she managed to go broke while Renting out the Lincoln room for  . . . $5.4Million!

We know she lies and has lied her over her entire career in Politics

Hillary has called Black Kids: Super predators:  Too much to deny!

Hillary praises her Mentor Robert Byrd or Former KKK leader

Hillary says she will Raise Taxes on The Middle Class:

And Finally, the Most Important Reason, The Corruption:

It has been made clear via a preponderance of the evidence, that even the White House may have committed willful treason vs. the USA, by virtue of using unsecured servers and then protecting and or covering up improprieties from the Clinton cartel and their cohorts.  This has been corroborated by the emails and speculation suggest that this all rolls up to the white house.

Now how far does the corruption extend . . .

 Let’s review the timeline and then ask yourself– if this would make a great movie? 

  1. Tim Kaine Steps down as DNC Chairperson in 2011 in favor of Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, the chairman of the Hillary Campaign in 2008 vs. Obama. He even recommended Wasserman-Schulz to secede him. Why? Perhaps a VP position was the bribe.
  2. Wasserman-Schulz Becomes the DNC Chairperson.
  3. Later on, Kaine is named Clinton’s VP, running mate.
  4. In July, just prior to the DNC Convention, Wikileaks releases emails showing how the primaries were rigged vs. Bernie Sanders.
  5. Wasserman -Schulz resigns and is immediately hired as the Clinton Campaign Chairmen.

Does the appearance of impropriety loom large? You Bet.

  1. Donna Brazile becomes interim chairperson for DNC.
  2. Wikileaks Reveals Brazile handed Clinton Debate Questions

Next Scenario:  She’s A Liar and It’s Clear to See!

  1. For a year or longer, Hillary is under investigation for a possible indictment for her willful use of a private email server, which was ultimately hijacked and put American Secrets and Lives in Danger (perhaps a few have died).
  2. She admits guilt but says “I’m sorry” and that should be excepted to escape prosecution. (Conversely, we all know of people who have done less are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In fact, if you are committed to the sanctity of our nation and the future of our political system you must watch Hillary’s America and Clinton Cash, You Must!)
  3. James Comey, FBI Director, leads the investigation against Hillary.
  4. On July 1st (holiday weekend) Bill Clinton Meets on the Tarmac in Phx with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  They say they talked about kids for 30minutes, No cameras or recorders allowed.
  5. Lynch announces she will follow Comey’s Lead.
  6. July 3rd Hillary shows up at FBI while Comey is NOT present.
  7. July 4th or 5th, Comey says Clinton Lied, but cannot find willful misconduct, she was simply “extremely careless!” Really?

Perhaps, he got a call from the white house, since the email trails show, that the President emailed Hillary and Knew she was using a private server, implicating him as well.

Look at the trail, how is that possible.  You Do realize that D’enish D’Souza went to prison with hardened criminals for simply contributing too much money to a friend running for office.


They All Had Information on The Clintons! 

Benghazi:  13 hours Let me say this  . . .  What difference does in make?” Ask the families of the people who died and then ask the fact, what” Intel” did Ambassador Stevens possibly have on the White  House and the Clintons?  Want more details, simply read the book Blood sport   –  The Clinton Body Count.

Now let’s look at all the books that outline the situations surrounding the Clintons and then ask yourself, can all these be wrong?  More importantly, why weren’t they all sued by the Clintons for liable and or slander?


  1. Perhaps, They simply do NOT want to call attention to the books, or
  2. Quite possibly, it is all true.

(All of these books are available on Amazon You Can Click on the Link to purchase any of them)

And there are more books, more movies, more articles, and yes, more emails,  but this ought to be enough to shed light on you and answer the question . . .

Who do the Clintons  Really care about, the American People or Themselves, their power, the corruption?

So Now, Let Me Ask You One That Question Once Again . . .

If Hillary Wins, What’s In It For You?

Here’s what’s in it for you? With Both Candidates.  I am ruling out Johnson and Stein because while voting for either of them, will be exercising your right to vote; it will not be making a choice for who you want to determine the fate of our country?

With Hillary, Here’s what’s in it for you . . .

  • Higher Taxes and even greater deficits than we have now.
  • Higher Corporate Taxes Encouraging Business to leave the USA, operate abroad and take our American jobs with them.
  • A smaller Government Run dependent society & economy, with fewer people working to spend dollars to generate tax, and earning an income to tax, ultimately, meaning less revenue to the government
  • More immigrants brought here and paid for by your tax dollars
  • More Racial Divide between Whites & Blacks, Americans & Muslims, Islam, and Christianity . . . Meaning a more divisive America.’ Dearborn Michigan and Downtown Los Angeles
  • Guns confiscated, reducing our ability to protect ourselves and our families.
  • A weaker military leaving “US” exposed to take over by communist countries
  • Free college for two years, that you will pay for with higher taxes for the rest of your life
  • No viable healthcare as more insurance carriers pull out of the ACA
  • The possibility of a corrupted Tim Kaine as your president should Hillary’s Health fail (OMG – Not this clown!)
  • A president who can’t tell or for that matter can’t’ “recall the truth.”
  • (It is amazing that she can’t recall what happened a few years ago, but remembers what Donald Trump must have said 30 years ago when he wasn’t even in politics and back then who really cared what he thought?)

Now then we have to ask, what do you get with Donald?


Some people you would suggest a sexual predator? Yet, every one of those allegations just happened to arise at a time when the election is less than a month away. Bill Clinton is a convicted sexual predator! This is all to serve as a distraction from the WikiLeaks emails as an indictment of Hillary, Comey, Podesta, Brazile, and even OBAMA as culprits in knowingly committing acts violating the laws of this country.  Can you say, cover up?

Notice that CNN, MSNBC are focusing all their attention on allegations vs. Trump, as opposed to evidence against Clinton?

You get someone with No Political  experience that the establishment on both sides of the aisle is afraid of.  Perhaps, that is more of a good thing then we may believe.

You get someone whose words have been twisted to give the impression of a bigot and a racist, but all unfounded and all misrepresented.

With Donald Trump, you get;

  1. Better-vetted immigrants, if not closed borders until we can vet them properly.
  2. We get a WALL to assist in the deterrent of illegal immigrants but financial help and assistance for LEGAL immigrants!
  3. Kids can get money for college based on eligibility and we incentivize colleges to bring down costs (our tax dollars at work), Not based on what Islamic country we are from!
  4. We get a money infused into the lower income areas to provide them the better schools and better opportunity.
  5. We get back our own bathrooms so that boys and girls and ladies can use their restroom with the knowledge there are less likely to be predators following them in.
  6. We get a lower tax rate for the majority of the people to spend more and create more
  7. We get a stronger military so we DON’T Have to use it.
  8. We get better relations and solid negotiations with foreign powers
  9. We get a healthcare system for the low income and free choice for those that can afford it at affordable prices.
  10. We get jobs brought back to America as we incentivize large companies to hire American Workers
  11. We get the right people assigned to the right positions to move America Forward
  12. We get Mike Pence as a viable VP.
  13. We get Christianity back into our lives
  14. We get to Keep the Statue of Liberty
  15. .We May likely Get Ben Carson as our Surgeon General
  16. We May get Trey Gowdy as Attorney General
  17. We get a new Speaker of the House, one that is not as corrupt as Paul Ryan, trying to keep his cush job.
  18. We put money to rebuild our infrastructure, like airports & bridges not sending our tax dollars to foreign entities that would just as soon burn our flag.
  19. We simply put the Clintons out to pasture to retire in peace (if not in Prison) where they belong (It’s negotiable).
  20. It’s highly unlikely we have any change in Roe Vs. Wade (which has been a law for 44 years) and can be handled at the state level and is most likely not the most important issue at hand today as is the unrest in the world and our own economy. But we can incentivise woman to carry out pregnancies & to assist with adoptions for those who cannot have children of their own.
  21. And if you don’t believe me, then perhaps you will believe some one with greater resources than I . . .

Donald Trump chosen by God to Make a Difference to America.

If Hillary wins, god help you & god help our country! And don’t complain when you vote for Hillary and spent your time going after Trump.  If you like the racial divide and the takeover of our country by Islam and we are attacked simultaneously by Russia, Iran and North Korea and all you care about is that you got a woman elected president, even if she is the most corrupt person to ever, ever run for the President.  Ask yourself, where would you be if committed even 1/10 of what the Clinton’s have perpetrated on US.

And, Now I ask you once again, If Hillary Wins . . . What’s in It for You? 

  1. How will your life improve if she wins? Will she bring prosperity and hope to you, when she has never created a job for anyone (aside from Chelsea and Wasserman-Shultz)?
  2. Will she be able to stabilize the Middle East when she suggests Donald Trump intimidated her by is actions at the debate?
  3. Does her track record of failures, improprieties and her abuse of woman to attempt to send a message (ala Miss Machado who’s background is now public knowledge) scare you? It should!

So, again, What’s In It for You?

*The above information has been compiled from Internet resources to allow everyone to form their own opinions based on all the information that is available throughout. Though the use of common sense and investigation, deduction and intelligent thoughts, we put two and two together and we hope you will too. The author has not created any information but has simply reported findings as seen on the web.  All of this information is available online and via the links provided.

Update Elections Rigged for Democrats:



Is Trump the Rapist, the Tax-Evader or The Bankrupt Businessman The Democrats Want You To Believe? NO!

For years The Democratic Party has used unfounded accusations  of  “The Sexual Predator” &  “child molter” campaign to thwart & stall the efforts of any viable Republican opposition.  They do this in spite of the fact, that there is little to no evidence to prove any of their claims.  The reason: Many people simply do not want to spend the rest of the life subjected to innuendo or trying to defend themselves and their family against these vicious attacks.  As a result, they quit – often too soon.

Examples Include:

Mike Huckabee


Herman Cain:


This is how the Democrats roll! They do this in order to continue to sway your vote and continue to rule over  you, to take away your freedoms and Now your guns, so you can never defend yourselves against their oppositions or oppression. This is the Saul Alinsky (KKK) way which Killary Kash Klinton, Modeled herself after.

Now, out of the woodwork, there are hundreds of allegations (all unfounded) that suggest Trump “touched” them inappropriately.  Really? This man has been a TV celebrity for more than a Decade and it a Billionaire. Why didn’t they all come out before? He wasn’t  running against them. These girls just like Sanders were paid off to come out now to distract from the improprieties of the Democrats, from Obama to Hillary, from Bill the real & impeached predator, as well as, Anthony (“check out my”) Wiener.

This is what they do, to play on your emotion and have you vote for their BS.  Sorry, this time it cannot work.

We know Donald has been a playboy, we even know he has been married 3 times.  Can I say, Who cares?  How many good people do you know have been divorced? How many people do you know have had extramarital affairs (not saying Donald has), but how many o you have been in Hollywood and were told to sell the audience. That’s what all this amounts to.  All crap.


I wonder how many of the people voting have been divorced? How many people have filed Bankruptcy (many athletes, entertainers and even multi-million dollar lottery winners.)  Just an FYI: most businesses that start fail and ultimately file for Chapter 11.  It ls the law, and that is how it works. Not Criminal!  But Killary and Bill Clinton? Well, there is some suspicion about all the people that they have had killed . . . Bloodsport!  (click here to watch the movie)

Just an FYI:  most businesses that start fail and ultimately file for Chapter 11.  It ls the law, and that is how it works. Not Criminal!  Bankruptcy is often used to get businesses back on track and to Save JOBS!  It’s not all about what’s in it for the owner.  You Know the one that takes the risk to create business and ultimately Jobs.

Ask yourself who earns all their Money fromhillary-money Speaking Fees?  Honestly, have you seen how much they earn $28.000.000 from Speaking, Have you heard them speak?
She can’t provide anything that isn’t from a teleprompter.  And, she gets stuck on Filler words like ah, ah, or Um um just to use up time, because she is paid for 20 minutes and has nothing to say.


Donald has succeeded to a much greater extent and has brought jobs, and in the end, it is time to tell the Democrats, and the Clinton News Network and Mass Stupidity Nothing But Crap Networks and that Rachel Madcow to shut up and find a new job.  They are awful and are taking the ignorant for a ride.  Wake Up!


Democrats – Clinton’s Attempt to Rig Election

Why say more than we  have to?  The precedent was set long ago by Al Gore  (Democrat) Challenged the Results vs. Bush in 2000, he would NOT concede until the final results were decided legally.

The reason Trump would not likely concede the election today is simple, there is now indisputable evidence that voter fraud is alive and it is rampant.

That makes it hard for anyone who has just spent a 1-1/2yrs subjecting his family to incredible scrutiny and put his life under a microscope?

A man who has invested $100 Million of his own dollars trying to help America make a change to get back on track and in the right direction.  And, so many of you naysayers who won’t lift a finger to recognize that this woman is the continuation of Antichrist set in place by Barack Obama.

America faces serious challenges to its existence and you Naysayers are so worried about what people have alleged against Donald that has nothing to do with the country as opposed to the Crimes that the Clintons have indisputably committed!

Listen how they (DNC) admits Hillary is Aware of what was going on… and Oh Yeah, her campaign pays for this! 


Did Bernie Sell Out His Supporters?


At one point during the primaries, I googled “Bernie Sanders Net Worth.”  While of course, there is no way to determine if that was accurate, but the site I read suggested Sander’s Net worth was approximately $300,000.  Not bad, but not real good.  I imagine with a life in politics it should have been at least 2x that, nevertheless that’s what it said.

Today, similar sites suggest his net worth around $500,000. Probably still wrong. How does one person go from a net worth of just under $500k to being able to afford a beach house . . . Paying cash? Can you say, Pay to Play?

The Ugly Truth About Bernie Sanders’ Wall Street Tie-up

Then there is talk about Bernie driving a new Bentley.  I mean common isn’t the writing on the wall!  Let’s not be so naïve as to think that Democrats care about the people they were elected to represent.  By the people for the people.  Not! Now it’s “Screw The People!” We cannot stand for this any longer. No More Corruption!

Bernie Sanders Paid Off to Support Hillary – – – No More Corruption!

WikiLeaks: Email Suggests Sanders Was Manipulated to Support Hillary


Election News: Vote Your Country, Not Your Team!!!

News Flash: This is Not the Redskins Vs. The Giants – The Dodgers Vs. The Giants or The Red Sox Vs. The Yankees.  No, this is real life, Your Life, and Your Kids Life!  This is about the Leader of the Free World! That said, you should vote your conscience, but you must also recognize what’s at stake. This isn’t about which Party you want to win, it’s about what type of country do you wish to live in.  The land of the free, and home of the brave, where the streets are potentially lined with gold, where anyone can achieve success. Or do you want a socialistic society where you get to earn what the job pays, and you can only earn to a certain level, or you will have to send more of your money (the highest amount ever) to the government, because they need you to pay for those that don’t want to work.

In other words, you must know this is about you voting for the America you want for your kids, not the America Hillary wants to control.

Have you ever asked yourself, why do you want a specific party to win.  Will they really make a difference for you personally? Do you believe Hillary Clinton Cares about you?

And, Perhaps if the Democrat corruption doesn’t deny you of your right to choice by rigging the elections, For example, dead people voting,  busing paid people to voter sites (to vote democratically — see “Burned” Sanders & Debbie Wasserman “Shitz”,  You Can Be and Make a Difference!

But you have to wise up and so far, ignorance appears to reign supreme.  You see the Democrats know that the more ignorant you are about the facts, the more they can skew the media (so that you only watch and read what they want you to hear), the more likely you will vote for Democratic. You keep them in power and continue to allow BIG government to control your lives. But you don’t have to allow it to happen. No, you can wake up and smell the coffee, and this Latino hopes to do just that.  In the next few posts, I will begin to explain the logic and the reasons why it is time to change and staying the course, will lead to the demise of the USA as we know it!  It’s the facts, but you will have to see, listen to and vote the facts!

No, you can wake up and smell the coffee, and this Latino hopes to do just that.  In the next few posts, I will begin to explain the logic and the reasons why it is time to change and staying the course, will lead to the demise of the USA as we know it!  It’s the facts, but you will have to see, listen to and vote the facts!

You Should not be listening to Actors or Entertainers as if somehow they know more than you.  I will tell you that financially and governmentally, if I had a battle of wits with most democrats in entertainment, it would be the equivalent of having a battle of wits with an unarmed person! Yes, I said it!

We are rapidly approaching the most important election since we voted Obama into office, perhaps our first big mistake. Now, don’t get me wrong, there has very likely been corruption in the political arena for decades, Republican and Democrat! But, if we are ever to be a Great America, we must end this now.

This first post is to reiterate the relevance of what could happen under Another Clinton Presidency.  The most corrupt politicians in the history of this country.  Here’s what you must consider;

First, The safety of this country – Your Country! But the Democrats will do anything to make this Their country.

It’s time to exercise our rights and vote in the only person that is there for us and not for selfish income.

USA Constitution Parchment
USA Constitution Parchment

There is No Such Thing as “FREE COLLEGE!”

college-fundingIf you’re one of those High School students getting ready to enter college or perhaps you’re already in college, the promises of “Free College Tuition” (while college costs continue to soar) sounds appealing. So, allow me to share with you something you may want to consider, and it’s as simple as this . . .


Now that sentiment was echoed by one of my mentors many years ago, and it still rings true today. Nothing in life is free, everything cost.   And, it will typically cost you later than the benefits you believe you will receive today.

How so you say? Well, let’s start with the obvious, Do you really think and college or school operates free of charge?  For example, public schooling is NOT free.  Someone pays the teachers, the principals, the maintenance staff, the superintendents, everyone.  Everyone gets paid.  Now ask yourself, exactly how does the school obtain the funds to pay everyone.  Easy, Taxes.  That is the only revenue that they can use to pay for schooling.  And, who pays those taxes?  Homeowners, employees, the self-employed the union workers… Everyone!  And, how long must they pay it for? However long they work, and however long kids will be going to school. And that is, well Forever! And, you will pay more and more as more and more refugees continue to come into the country and the Democrats continue to allow them in, often without contributing back into the system.

So, the more refugees and Illegals that are here in the USA, the more we working class (that is or will include you in the future) will have to contribute in taxes, just to allow this to plan to continue to happen.  Then as word gets out that we are offering more kids free college, and with the Proposed OPEN borders, the more the rest of the world will begin to send their kids here as we train and educate America’s competition (and they are the competition). I am not saying we cannot be compassionate, but we also must be vigilant towards the future of the US of A.  This is Your country, your kids country, and their kids future as well.  Ask, yourself, what kind of country do you want to leave behind for generations to come.

The talk of free college, may sound good, but it may also at the very least encourage all kids to enter the system and most should, but some probably won’t or just sifree-collegem
ply have no desire.  And,  when you consider that Bill Gates was a college drop-out and many others have achieved incredible success without college, it may just be overrated as well. Just saying, not endorsing that idea.

Finally, the facts are that at this time, there just aren’t enough jobs to keep every one of our recent grads employed, So, how are we going to really offer free college for the long term, if we are also going to continue to allow more refugees in who are not necessarily paying into the system?

So, dare I say once again . . .

There is NO Such Thing as Free College!